Cheerful and bold, playful and assertive, positive and truly alive – all this garage rock!
Rock overdrive guitars, dynamic, energetic and garage bass, inspiring, positive solo guitar in fuzz style, energetic, upbeat and vivid drums create rock and roll sound!
This track is ideal for advertising, recreation, sports, spring and summer projects, video about travel, extreme video, slide show, presentation, project launch, rock video, punk video, young and bold projects, wedding videos, promo clips, podcasts, YouTube videos, games, computer games, web games, introductions, radio, television, screen savers , picks, jingles, shows, vacations and for any positive, energetic, and upbeat projects !!!.
开朗,大胆,俏皮,自信,积极,真正活着 – 这就是车库摇滚!

非常适合广告,娱乐,体育,春季和夏季项目,旅游视频,极限视频,幻灯片,演示,项目启动,摇滚视频,朋克视频,年轻和大胆的项目,婚礼视频,促销剪辑,播客, YouTube视频,游戏,电脑游戏,网页游戏,介绍,广播,电视,屏幕保护程序,选秀,歌曲,节目,假期以及任何积极,充满活力和乐观的项目!!!

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时长 82
BPM 150
循环 No