The Epic Inspirational is a powerful and inspiring cinematic trailer music.(Inspirational Cinematic)
This is perfect as a background for teaser trailer, cinematic soundtrack, cinematic trailer, blockbuster trailer, movie trailer, movies, film, video, promo, trailers massive, polished, blockbuster sound for trailers, advertising, teasers, and video games.
It can also fit as a convincing soundtrack in any kind of situation where this type of music is needed. This is dramatic trailer music and power epic
This track with dramatic, powerful emotional in orchestra with musical instruments: strings, power percussion and beats, emotional brass, power drums, blur piano and smooth background female choirs, good for adventure hollywood movie, intro, or film, where you can show dark war, intense, energetics battle, background of game.
在任何需要这种类型音乐的情况下,它也可以作为令人信服的音轨。 这是戏剧性的预告片音乐和力量史诗

这首曲目伴随着乐器的戏剧性,强大的情感:弦乐,力量打击乐和节拍,情感铜管乐器,动力鼓,钢琴和流畅的背景女性合唱团,适合冒险好莱坞电影,介绍或电影,在这里你可以展现黑暗 战争,激烈,能量战斗,游戏背景。

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时长 156
BPM 120
循环 No