Ideal for your emotional trailer, the track begins with a soft and distant piano, begin at 0:22 spiccatos viola and cello adding suspense. At 0:43 percussion and background of apocalyptic Choir promise great crescendo. At 1:29, after the emergence of metals begins the dramatic development of the strings. At 1:46 sudden piano and harp back to the distant Strings. Score: spiccatos cello and viola, piano, harp, choir, brass, percussion, percussive impacts
非常适合你的情感预告片,曲目以柔和而遥远的钢琴开始,开始于0:22中提琴断奏和大提琴增加悬念。 在0:43打击乐和世界末日唱诗班的背景渐强。 在1:29,开始弦乐的戏剧性发展。 在1:46突然弹钢琴,竖琴回到遥远的弦乐。 配乐:断奏大提琴和中提琴,钢琴,竖琴,合唱团,铜管乐器,打击乐器

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时长 152
BPM 90
循环 No