This is a huge and powerful composition with a fabulous and slightly worrying strings section! Its intense percussion, modern sound of orchestra in combination with dusty pads and beautiful piano notes will simply be a super choice for your dramatic, war and suspenseful scenes in movies! Use it also for your adventure openers and animations, documentary projects, tech videos, video games and historical cinematic videos! Its epic and confident mood will be of great help for you and your exciting projects and videos! Enjoy it!
这是一首巨大而大气的作品,有一个神话般的,稍微令人担忧的弦乐部分! 其强烈的打击乐,现代化的管弦乐声与尘土飞扬的pads和优美的钢琴音符相结合,将成为电影中戏剧性,战争性和悬疑性场景的绝佳选择! 也可用于冒险开场和动画,纪录片项目,科技视频,视频游戏和历史电影视频! 它的史诗和自信心情将对您和您令人兴奋的项目和视频有很大帮助! 好好享受!

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时长 130
BPM 70
循环 No