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The name of the band can be light and heavy, a lot of the name of the band is very random or inexplicable, while the band’s name also played a big role in the fate of the band – this is an important part of the band brand image. Think about it: Your band name needs to be imprinted on every piece of your work and product: your CD, website, poster, kicker, sticker, T-shirt … Obviously, a recognizable, original, Sex name will give you a lot of elegance, the following take a look, take a band name, which need to consider the issues and elements:
1. Accurately reflect the mood and image
If the mountain band changed its name to Mountain Boy, dare you can accept it? Where is this out of the boys mix? If you find a jazz band called “destroy beast Road”? If a gothic band called “good sister”? Oh, I can no longer imagine, because it has been laughing urine. Although the contrast is an artist’s usual artistic effect, but tell the truth, so the name will really cause great distress to everyone. I think you understand what I mean.
2. Recognition is really important
Look at the names of these bands, a look that is not want others to find out you: Women, Men, Girls, Stars, Friends, Diamond Rings, ceo, About, Sister … … tell you, These names are too casual it? So those who want to call the “band” of the band, think you really can be found out by the search engine?
3. For the designer to consider it a little
For example, if you think a band containing 13 Chinese characters is cool, it’s a good idea to think of a long name that appears in the poster (especially the lineup). Of the mood. Also, when it appears on the sticker, on the badge, the other around the circumstance?
4. To ensure good recognition, good reading, easy to remember
“I told you that our band has a culture of old, called ‘Su Da Da’!”
“Hey, the police, someone beeps, the scene has been unable to control it!”
5. Check to see if the band with other names
This is very important, whether it is Chinese or English name, in the country or in the world. When you use a name for many years, your fans are familiar with the name, and then because of the dispute caused by the name change to change the name, this taste can be bad.
6. invent new vocabulary
You may have seen a lot of “band name Dafa” on the Internet, that is, the color of your underwear, today’s breakfast together so similar method. Obviously this is a game for entertainment, but there are many bands in a very conventional way to name, good music that impress, but to expect such a name to their extra points even if the bar. So we can think of some slightly “strange” name, their invention of new vocabulary, might make people shines.
7. Attract the target audience
When you sell the album, there is a big wave of cover party waiting for you, but do not forget, everyone is the title of the party, if your band name to the target audience want “selling point”, allow these people in the vast lineup And the list of recommended new music to scan to you, then the name must be a good name.

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