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100Audio provided background music for international version of trailer of Life Punch. Music named Blockbuster Teaser from 100Audio’s exclusive author wellmusic and Epic Victory Trailer from exclusive author VelstonSound were chosen.


As the first movie of female fight in China, Life Punch won 5 awards at the 7th Vancouver Chinese Film Festival. The movie is written and directed by Yilun Fan, Starred by Ke Jing and Jin Lian, etc. It tells a story of an ordinary family. A father saves his daughter’s life by his own organ and the daughter saves her father by her excellent results. This story is ordinary and also great. The background music of its trailer comes from 100Audio. Thank producer of this trailer and brand party for its support for 100Audio and genuine commercial music.

Background music in this video is exclusively licensed by 100Audio, the 100Audio platform is the world’s only sales channel for the music.

Blockbuster Teaser appears in the video from 0′:00” to 0′:07”


Epic Victory Trailer appears in the video from 0′:08” to 0′:56”


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