This futuristic/electronic royalty free music track designed in the style of synthwave will unfold all the mysteries and secrets of the universes unknown and never seen before! Its fantastic arrangement includes these cosmic and marvelous synths, an awesome drum beat and exciting electro bass lines that will do wonders for your sci-fi trailers and projects, hi-tech videos, innovation projects, engineering and science visuals and other modern projects.
这种以synthwave风格设计的未来主义/电子版权音乐将揭开未知和未曾见过的宇宙的所有神秘和秘密! 它的精彩编配包括这些宇宙和奇妙的合成器,令人敬畏的鼓声和令人兴奋的低音线,将为您的科幻预告片和项目,高科技视频,创新项目,工程和科学视觉和其他现代项目创造奇迹。

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时长 168
BPM 80
循环 No