This royalty free music track will show you all the places and spots you should have visited when disco was still ruling this planet of ours! It’s a vibrating and down-tempo synthwave music piece with amazing retro synthesizer sounds and great drum and bass. This electronic and moving music track is perfectly suitable for your outstanding projects with the theme of the 80’s, VHS, action and adventure movies, video games, fashion shows, slideshows and time lapse videos, product reviews and tutorials and many more.
这个首版权的音乐曲目将向您展示迪斯科仍在统治我们这个星球时应该访问的所有地点和景点! 这是一首振动和节奏合成器浪潮音乐作品,具有惊艳的复古合成器声音和很棒的鼓和贝司。 这首动人的电子音乐曲目非常适合您的杰出项目,主题是80年代,VHS,动作和冒险电影,视频游戏,时装秀,幻灯片和延时摄影拍摄的视频,产品评论和教程等等。

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时长 183
BPM 130
循环 No