Awe and wondrous big orchestral track great for film, movies, documentaries, commercials, advertising, spectacular nature backgrounds and other media projects.
This spectacular crescendo score combines different moods: Mystery, beauty, amazement, astonishment, awesomeness, emotional feelings and a triumphant finale. Also can be very useful for background in awesome outdoor footage as ocean, lush mountains, outer space…
Main instruments: Strings, Brass, Horns, Woodwinds, orchestral percussion, mallets and synthesizers.
Influences: Hans Zimmer Blue Planet style, James Horner, James Newton Howard, Thomas Newman, Howard Shore, Alexander Desplat, John Williams, Michael Giacchino, Ramin Djawadi, Alan Silvestri.
这首壮观的渐强的配乐作品结合了不同的情绪:神秘,美丽,惊奇,惊讶,令人敬畏,情感感受和胜利的结局。 对于海洋,郁郁葱葱的山脉,外太空等令人敬畏的户外镜头,背景也非常有用……

影响:Hans Zimmer Blue Planet风格,James Horner,James Newton Howard,Thomas Newman,Howard Shore,Alexander Desplat,John Williams,Michael Giacchino,Ramin Djawadi,Alan Silvestri。

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时长 92
BPM 98
循环 No