Instrumental music made for Orchestra and piano. This music is leaded by a piano and the style is near to soundtrack and classical music with ethnic influences from Southern Spain, Andalucia. This music fits very well in films and broadcast projects. The mood is energetic and positive, animated and optimistic. Other important instruments are harp, strings, horns and percussions, which give energy to the composition, and the folk instruments are castanets and tambourine, which give happiness and nice rhythm to the music.
由管弦乐和钢琴制作的音乐。 这种音乐以钢琴为主音,风格接近原声带和古典音乐,受到西班牙南部安达卢西亚的民族影响。 这种音乐非常适合电影和广播项目。 这种情绪充满活力,积极,动感和乐观。 其他重要的乐器是竖琴,弦乐,圆号和打击乐器,它们为乐曲提供能量,而民族乐器则是响板和手鼓,为音乐带来快乐和美妙的节奏。

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时长 185
BPM 120
循环 No