This one is a fabulous and groovy synth pop music track with a great and stylish atmosphere of the memorable and sparkling 80’s! Driven by alluring synth pads, bright bass lines and edgy drums, it will be a valuable asset for your precious TV shows, commercial video projects, youtube contents, travel videos, presentations, trendy commercials, modern promos and many more. Deliver some unique and awesome features and hopeful vibes into your remarkable projects today!
这是一首神奇而时髦的合成流行音乐曲目,拥有令人难忘和闪亮的80年代的优雅时尚氛围! 采用了诱人的合成垫,明亮的低音线和前卫鼓,它将是您珍贵的电视节目,商业视频项目,youtube内容,旅游视频,演示文稿,时尚广告,现代宣传等等的宝贵资产。 今天为您的卓越项目提供一些独特和令人敬畏的特色和充满希望的气氛!

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时长 180
BPM 75
循环 No