This smooth royalty free synth pop track with a great atmosphere will make you feel that nothing can break you! You will feel more confident when you hear these majestic analog synth arpeggios, bright bass lines and a reverb snare – it’s all about the eighties and the power of that magical period! It will be simply great for 80s retro influenced media, TV video projects, you tube channels, travels, presentations, commercials, promos and more. Add a special touch and some cooler vintage vibes into your precious projects with this flowing and illuminating synth music piece!

这首舒缓的版权合成器流行音乐拥有良好的氛围,让您感觉没有什么可以打败你!当你听到这些宏伟的模拟合成器琶音,明亮的bassline和混响军鼓时,你会感到更加自信——这都是八十年代那个神奇时期的力量!这首曲子对于80年代复古影响的媒体,电视视频项目,Youtube频道,旅行,演示,商业广告,促销等等,都是非常棒的。 使用这首流动和明亮的合成音乐作品,为您宝贵的项目增添特殊的触动和一些更酷的复古氛围!

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时长 176
BPM 115
循环 No