Romantic Trap Beat royalty free music track with a calm mood and modern sound will make you try harder to please those you love! Its amazing arrangement includes gentle piano parts and strong and catchy synths placed over a dramatic and slow drum beat that will be more than enough for your movies, trendy commercials or video presentation. You can also use it in your personal vlogs, portfolios, nature and travel videos and you will be delighted with the results!

浪漫的Trap Beat音乐,带有平静的情绪和现代的声音,让您更加努力地取悦您喜爱的人! 它令人惊叹的编配包括柔和的钢琴部分和大气吸引人的合成器配合戏剧性和缓慢的鼓点,非常适合您的电影,时尚广告或视频演示。 您还可以在个人视频博客,投资组合,自然和旅游视频中使用它,您将对结果感到满意!

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时长 176
BPM 60
循环 No