Emotional Drone – is exclusive, relax, soft, and inspirational music for abstract and dynamic visual projects, dramatic piano and cello created cinematic atmosphere. This track a lot of glitch and abstract elements and beautiful cinematic atmosphere.
Good for interfaces, future robotics logos, media products, sci-fi programs, technological intro / outro, presentations or promo, corporate and technology theme, branding, action games, advertisement, innovation, epic trailers / teasers, screensaver, commercials, high-tech after effects videos, and any cinematic projects.
独特,放松,柔和,鼓舞人心的音乐,用于抽象和动态的视觉项目,戏剧性的钢琴和大提琴创造了电影氛围。 这首音乐有很多脉冲和抽象元素以及优美的电影氛围。

适用于界面,未来机器人标识,媒体产品,科幻节目,技术前奏/结尾,演示或促销,企业和技术主题,品牌推广,动作游戏,广告,创新,史诗预告片/预告片,屏幕保护程序,商业广告,高 技术后效应视频和任何电影项目。

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时长 160
BPM 125
循环 No