Upbeat Background is an uplifting and motivational royalty free music track with mute guitars and a marvelous piano melody that’s perfect to set an optimistic mood wherever you bring it! Starting with a simple and memorable pluck harmonic melody that invites a stunning piano theme with great drums later on, this elevating and bouncy tune will perfectly complement your inspiring projects, including corporate presentations, tutorials, slideshows, lifestyle and travel, medical and health videos, real estate, startup videos, app promos, etc. Use it right now and you will have a brighter future ahead of you! Enjoy it!
这是一首振奋和动力的版权音乐曲目,带有闷音吉他和一个奇妙的钢琴旋律,无论你在哪里使用它都能展现完美的乐观情绪! 从一个简单、朗朗上口的拨弹和弦的旋律开始,这将带来令人惊叹的钢琴旋律以及随后而来的鼓,这首振奋和轻快的曲调将完美地补充您的鼓舞人心的项目,包括企业演示,教程,幻灯片,生活和旅行,医疗和健康视频, 房地产,启动视频,应用程序促销等。现在使用它,你将拥有一个更光明的未来! 好好享受!

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时长 88
BPM 116
循环 No