Cinematic Trailer royalty free music track creates a sense of suspense and drama before the epic upcoming battle! It is a powerful and emotional track, perfect for trailers, video games etc. Featuring an epic building orchestra with energetic symphonic strings, big percussion, and pianos, this track is great for anyone wanting an epic and inspiring feel in their projects, making it a perfect fit for a wide variety of uses.
这首音乐营造了一种在即将到来的史诗般战斗前的悬念和戏剧感! 它是一首大气的情感音乐,非常适合预告片,电子游戏等。这首音乐以由活力的弦乐,大型打击乐器和钢琴构成的史诗管弦乐为特色,非常适合想要在他们的项目中获得史诗和鼓舞人心感觉的任何人。适合各种用途。


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时长 114
BPM 110
循环 No