“Minimal Business” is a soft, nice and clean inspiring corporate styled music track with a beautiful soft presentation corporate sound, corporate motivational vibes and steady confident rhythm and inspiring corporate atmosphere that will help you to make your corporate or other project really stand out and inspire!
It will be a perfect choice for a corporate narration background, motivational, inspiring, corporate videos, digital marketing, corporation presentations, innovative technological videos, websites, tutorials, explainers, slideshows, YouTube videos. Mood of the song is really inspiring, light, corporate, beautiful, soft and uplifting, works great like a background music track for hundreds of clients around the world. It will amplify your message and help your video to showcase your professionalism to your audience and clients!
它是企业叙事背景,激励,鼓舞人心,企业视频,数字营销,企业演示,创新技术视频,网站,教程,解说员,幻灯片,YouTube视频的完美选择。 这首音乐的情绪非常鼓舞人心,轻盈,优雅,美丽,柔和,振奋,对世界各地的数百位客户来说,它非常出色。 它会放大您的信息并帮助您的视频向您的观众和客户展示您的专业精神!

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时长 158
BPM 128
循环 No