Excellent drums and percussions in this music track with a fast rhythm and increasing energy will make your projects unique and amazing. Ringing percussions make this track an unusual bright and modern. This amazing track is perfect for sport videos, fast slide shows and animations, dynamic titles, video games and much more. Its positive mood is a pure gold for your various projects and videos

优秀的鼓和打击乐器在这首音乐里,快速的节奏感,持续增加的能量。 使您的项目独一无二,令人惊叹,响亮的打击让这首音乐变得异常明亮和现代,这首曲子非常适合体育视频,快速切换的幻灯片和动画,动感的标题,还有更多。它的积极情绪非常适合您的各种项目和视频! 

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时长 65
BPM 155
循环 No