‘Inspiring Peak’ is a very dynamic and evolving inspirational royalty free music track in a similar style like Coldplay and other modern rock bands. It’s suitable for commercials, company presentations, timelapses, sports, travelling and nature videos. It will uplift your commercial, presentation, ad campaign, movie or Youtube video in a very positive way. It will also work great as an emotional track for movies.
It starts with a mellow piano and soft drums, evolves to a powerful modern rock hymn, then back to a spherical section, just to come to a climax and back to the mellow piano part, with which it ends.
这是一首非常有活力和不断发展的激动人心的音乐曲目,类似酷玩乐队和其他现代摇滚乐队。 它适用于商业广告,公司演示,延时摄影,体育,旅游和自然视频。 它以非常积极的方式提升您的商业广告,演示文稿,广告活动,电影或Youtube视频。 它也可以作为电影渲染情绪的配乐。


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时长 199
BPM 110
循环 No