Asian style instrumental music track with elements and instruments of Eastern culture peppering the uplifting vibe of the track. This oriental music evokes a coming of age image, with a positive vibe throughout and a pleasant use of the zheng harp and Chinese instrumentation. This track perfectly combines traditional with modern, instilling a happy feeling in anyone listening. It is a light and airy instrumental suitable for TV adverts, idents, short scenes, TV themes, atmospheric logos, travel documentaries and various other media productions.

这首亚洲风格的纯器乐曲有着东方文化的元素和乐器,营造了令人振奋的氛围。 这首东方音乐唤起了一种时代的形象,充满积极的氛围,地使用了竖琴和中国乐器。 这首曲子完美地结合了传统与现代,任何人聆听中都能体会到快乐的感觉。 适用于电视广告,短片,电视主题,大气logo,旅行纪录片和各种其他媒体制作。

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时长 20
BPM 130
循环 Yes