Bright Synth

Uplifting and motivational corporate track with professional and clean inspiring breezymood, high quality sound in gand upbeat, imponderable atmosphere that will help you to complement your video project! This music with inspiring and positive vibes will be perfect for: background for business presentations, timelapse videos, wedding, amazing slide shows and hopeful corporate! You can also use this track for your photo, videohive projects, theme tune, fashion, inspiring presentations and vlogs, sport news broadcasting, work and finance, weather forecast, a motivating video for company employees, Radio and TV interviews, YouTube videos, explainers, motivational startup video production, food videos, documentaries, education and more.

令人振奋和鼓舞人心的公司轨道,具有专业和干净的鼓舞人心,高质量,不可思议的氛围,将帮助您补充您的视频项目!这种音乐与鼓舞人心和积极的氛围将是完美的: 背景业务演示,延时视频,婚礼,惊人的幻灯片显示和充满希望的企业!您还可以将此曲目用于您的照片,videohive项目,主题曲,时尚,鼓舞人心的演示文稿和视频博客,体育新闻广播,工作和财务,天气预报,公司员工的激励视频,广播和电视采访,YouTube视频,解释器,激励启动视频制作,食品视频,纪录片,教育和更多。

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时长 169
BPM 114
循环 No