This is a piece of Chinese music. When it is cool in early summer, the breeze is gentle and the leaves sway gently. At night, the full moon is hanging high, talking and laughing with family, relatives and lovers to enjoy the moon. It is elegant and warm. It is suitable for the scenes of the Dragon Boat Festival, Mid Autumn Festival and other traditional and slightly quiet days~
这是一首中国音乐。初夏凉爽时,微风轻柔,树叶轻轻摇曳。晚上,圆圆的月亮高高挂着,和家人、亲戚、恋人有说有笑地赏月。它是优雅和温暖。适合端午节、中秋节等传统稍显清静的日子的场景 ~

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时长 134
BPM 70
循环 No