Ethnic Drums, Jungle Drum Beat, Tribal Drums Background

This track great for travel and journey trailer, jungle and safari background, africa ethnic landscapes and much more. Also perfect for native american culture and tribal traditions scenes, wild life and nature documentary films and much more.
We were inspired to create this track by the films Black Panther and The Lion King. Travel to the world with music for the landscapes and the massive diversity of culture and religion. Beautiful cinematic world music that brings to mind images of beautiful landscapes: Kenya, Mauritius, Madagascar, Mali, Morocco, Mozambique, Namibia, Tanzania, Tunisia, Uganda, Eritrea, Ethiopia, South Africa, Mauritius, Cape Verde or any cultures.
This music will be a perfect seasoning for any kind of media production that needs a rhythm and dynamic drums and percussion.
Many thanks and enjoy it.


该曲目非常适合 旅行 和旅行预告片,丛林和 safari 背景,非洲民族景观等等。也非常适合 美洲原住民 文化和部落传统场景,野生生物和自然 纪录片 电影等等。
我们受到电影 黑豹 狮子王 的启发。带着风景音乐以及文化和宗教的巨大多样性,前往 世界 。美丽的电影世界音乐,让人们想到美丽风景的图像: 肯尼亚、毛里求斯、马达加斯加、马里、摩洛哥、莫桑比克、纳米比亚、坦桑尼亚、突尼斯、乌干达、厄立特里亚、埃塞俄比亚、南非、毛里求斯、佛得角或任何文化。
这种音乐将是任何需要节奏和动态的 打击乐 的媒体制作 的完美调味品。

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时长 55
BPM 65
循环 No