Groovy Beats

Perfect for advertising, background, commercial, web, tv, corporate, business, inspiring, motivational, promotional, presentation and much more video projects and other media. This track perfect for any Advertising, Commercial, Summer, Upbeat, Happy, Adventure Video Projects. Good for videos with Summer Holiday, Traveling, City, Happy People.TV or Radio advert, Youtube Video, Podcast, Film, Television, Video Game Soundtrack, Social Media Marketing, School and College Work, Videohive Preview, Viral Marketing Campaign, Mobile Phone App, Business and Promotional Presentation, Home Video, Theme Tune, Youtube Channel Intro / Outro, Crowdfunding Video, Background Music, Slide Show, Documentary, Cinema, TV Promotion, Web, Holiday and Vacation Videos, Sports Media, Party video.

完美适合广告,背景,商业,网络,电视,企业,商业,鼓舞人心,激励,推广,演示和更多的视频项目和其他媒体。这首音乐非常适合任何广告、商业、夏季、乐观、快乐、冒险视频项目。适合与暑假,旅游,城市,快乐的人视频。电视或广播广告、Youtube视频、播客、电影、电视、视频游戏配乐、社交媒体营销、学校和大学工作、片头预览、病毒式营销活动、手机应用程序、商业和促销演示、家庭视频、主题曲、YouTubeChannel 开头/结尾、众筹视频、背景音乐、幻灯片、纪录片、影院、电视推广、网络、,假日和假期视频,体育媒体,派对视频。

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时长 157
BPM 112
循环 No