This is a relaxed and cheerful music, with a pleasant feeling, giving people a good mood. The performance of piano, plucked string and percussion creates a happy atmosphere and childlike fun. This music is suitable for: relaxed, cheerful, natural, promotional films, fresh, pleasant, relaxed, childlike, family, advertising, vlog, youtube and other emotional scenes. This will be an excellent complement to your various media projects.
这是一首轻松欢快的音乐,带有一种愉快的感觉,给人好心情。 钢琴、拨弦和打击乐的演奏营造出欢乐的气氛和童趣。 这首音乐适合:轻松、欢快、自然、宣传片、清新、愉悦、轻松、童趣、家庭、广告、vlog、youtube等情感场景。 这将是对您的各种媒体项目的极好补充。

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时长 124
BPM 150
循环 No