This is a piece of music full of fashion. Jazz elements in the music can better support the fashion and simple atmosphere of the whole work. It is more modern to integrate hip-hop music rhythm with jazz elements. Mainly used the electric piano, electronic drum, synthesizer, and other musical instruments. Especially suitable for film, TV series, advertising, press conference, fashion show, dance, variety show, promo, trailer, title, vlog, short video production, etc.
这是一首充满时尚潮流的音乐作品,音乐中出现的爵士元素能更好的承托出作品整体的时尚简约的氛围,融入嘻哈的音乐节奏与爵士元素相结合更具有现代感。主要运用了电钢琴,电子鼓,合成器,等乐器。特别适用于影视,电视剧,广告,发布会,时装展会, 舞蹈,综艺,宣传片,预告片,片头,VLOG,短视频制作等。

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时长 133
BPM 105
循环 Yes