This is amazing, rhythmic, positive track, full of inspiring and happy vibes. Ideal combination of warm piano and harmonics of electric guitar that creates a proud, light mood that suits every corporate presentation and video. This track also works well with montages and technology videos, commercials, ads, slideshows, time-lapse movie, infographics, documentary, technology and education, brand company and news, school and college work, TV commercial, party, sports, applications, innovative media projects, social projects, web backgrounds, webisode, children and family and any project that requires background music.
这是一首令人惊叹的,有节奏的,积极的曲目,充满鼓舞和快乐的氛围。 温暖的钢琴和电吉他的和声完美的结合,营造出一种轻松,放松的氛围,适合每个公司的演讲和视频。 该曲目还可以于蒙太奇和技术视频,广告,商业广告,幻灯片,延时电影,信息图表,纪录片,技术和教育,品牌公司和新闻,学校和大学工作,电视广告,聚会,体育,应用,创新,媒体项目,社交项目,Web背景,Webisode,儿童和家庭以及任何需要背景音乐的项目一起很好地配合使用

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时长 156
BPM 110
循环 Yes