This is a piece of Chinese style music full of national fashion, which mainly expresses the lively atmosphere of the new year and the rich dynamic rhythm and melody of the work. Mainly used guzheng, pipa, dulcimer, electric guitar, synthesizer, electronic drum, Gong, drum, electronic drum and other instruments. Especially suitable for advertising, games, opening, new year, Spring Festival, Lantern Festival, promo, film title, trailer, food, film, press conference, variety show, short video production, etc.
这是一首充满国潮时尚感的中国风音乐作品,主要表达了新年热闹的氛围以及作品丰富的动感节奏与旋律。主要运用了古筝,琵琶,扬琴,电吉他, 合成器,电子鼓,小锣,大鼓,电子鼓等乐器。特别适用于广告,游戏,开场,新年,春节,元宵节,宣传片,片头,预告片,美食,影视,发布会,综艺,短视频制作等。

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时长 134
BPM 120
循环 Yes