This royalty free music track is simply a fantastic groove funk beat under a cool guitar reef that will make you listen to it over and over again! Its wonderful arrangement includes sexy and funky guitars, driving drums, great bass lines, soft keys and percussions that will perfectly complement your commercials, promos, openers and intros, trailers, action movie sequences, games and apps, sport videos, highlights reels, car shows, fashion projects and more. Its optimistic and alluring nature is something you’ve been certainly looking for and now it’s here! Place it under your amazing visuals and see what happens! Enjoy it right now!

这首音乐曲目只是在酷酷的吉他进行的梦幻般的律动节拍,让您一次又一次地聆听! 它的美妙编配包括性感和时髦的吉他,架子鼓,出色的bassline,柔和的keys和打击乐器,将完美适合您的广告,促销,开瓶器和简介,预告片,动作电影序列,游戏和应用,体育视频,精彩片段,汽车 表演,时装项目等等。 您肯定一直在寻找它的乐观和诱人的特性,现在它就在这里! 将其放在惊人的视觉效果下,看看会发生什么! 立即享受它!

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时长 98
BPM 115
循环 No