The Softly Corporate – is a motivate, clean, amazing, optimistic and positive corporate background music. Perfect for your corporate/business presentations, motivational and inspirational projects, inspire/motivate videos, sport videos, advertisements, Film and TV, Youtube videos commercial videos that brings to mind images of success, productivity, sales, and innovative business solutions.
Recommended usages: promotional media, uplifting marketing videos, facebook, youtube, vimeo, television, radio, slideshows, corporate presentations and advertising, films, documentaries, festivals, podcast, videocast, phone on hold, education training, apps/games, audiobooks and projects related to technology, sports, design, fashion and lifestyle.
这 是一种激励,干净,惊人,乐观和积极的企业背景音乐。 适合您的企业/商业演示,激励和鼓舞人心的项目,激发/激励视频,体育视频,广告,电影和电视,Youtube视频商业视频,让人联想到成功,生产力,销售和创新业务解决方案的图像。

推荐用法:宣传媒体,令人振奋的营销视频,脸书,YouTube,电视,广播,幻灯片,企业演示和广告,电影,纪录片,节日,播客,视频广播,电话铃声,教育培训,应用/游戏,有声读物和 与技术,体育,设计,时尚和生活方式相关的项目。

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时长 140
BPM 120
循环 No