Conquer unattainable heights with this victorious majestic music with lush orchestral strings and massive drums. Completed with a massive deep sound of epic proportions, this would be excellent as background music or soundtrack for: sports videos, short film, inspirational or motivational video production, broadcasting, commercials, ad, movie, radio, animation, documentaries, podcasts, television series, video games, tv show and many more. If you need other versions don’t hesitate to reach out!

这个胜利的雄伟音乐与郁郁葱葱的管弦乐和巨大的鼓声征服了无法达到的高度。 完成了巨大的有深度声音,这将是非常好的背景音乐或配乐:体育视频,短片,鼓舞人心或激励视频制作,广播,商业广告,宣传,电影,广播,动画,纪录片,播客,电视 系列,电子游戏,电视节目等等。 如果您需要其他版本,请随时与我们联系!

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时长 79
BPM 110
循环 Yes