Happy Backround Chill

– Description:
– Pleasant background breakbeat music with an easy happy melody. Light air music with smooth transitions and adding background sounds, adding happy whistle. Calm intro, added deep bass and drums, transparent pads, Breakdown, second part leads are added percussion and happy whistle, calm outro

– Use:
Elastic bright kick, clicking fingers, claps, abstract noise, vivid hihat, light percussion, bright interesting sounds, clicks, light synthesizers, voluminous wide pads, whistle, the melody on the keyboard, transition effects, transition noise

– Suitable for: background music video, a cheerful story of the video. Suitable for a background hip hop, rap, scratch, dance. It goes well with bright beautiful video with a colorful video, slide show. For product presentations, advertising. For relaxation, or for any other of your ideas.

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– 说明:
– 愉快的背景音乐伴随着轻松愉快的旋律。 轻盈的空气音乐,平滑的过渡和添加背景声音,增添快乐的哨声。 平静的开场,添加深沉的贝斯和鼓,铺垫,Breakdown,第二部分导致增加打击乐和快乐的口哨

– 使用:

– 适用于:背景音乐视频,视频的欢快故事。 适合背景嘻哈,说唱,打碟,舞蹈。 它与明亮美丽的视频,彩色视频,幻灯片放映相得益彰。 用于产品展示,广告。 放松,或任何其他想法。

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时长 202
BPM 106
循环 No