This one is an atmospheric, background experimental and ambient royalty free music track with a modern, emotional and deep sound. The elegant sounds of piano are surrounded by a dramatic atmosphere of synths and strings with hybrid sfx, which makes this piece of music perfect for your cinematic videos, presentations, intros, motivational and inspirational videos, deep and modern commercial videos and beautiful, futuristic projects! Add some new moments and details to your wonderful projects and let them shine! Enjoy..
这是一首大气的实验环境背景音乐,具有现代,情感和深沉的声音。 钢琴的优雅声音被合成器和弦乐与混合sfx的戏剧性氛围所包围,这使得这首音乐非常适合您的电影视频,演示,介绍,激励和鼓舞人心的视频,深度和现代商业视频以及美丽的未来项目! 为您的精彩项目添加一些新的时刻和细节,让它们闪耀! 请享用..

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时长 66
BPM 90
循环 No