From the Album – Business beats by KORDS
This corporate focus track promotes a feeling of focus and a desire to work hard. A perfect fit for motivational media & adverts, made to inspire someone & maintain a sense of focus.
This track could be used for anything regarding business however the fields closely related to the track would be, communication, industry, transport, medical, stock market, mobility, construction, biology, information technology, statistics, admin, human resources, financial, logistics, marketing, actuary and recruitment.
The track incorporates a corporate style of music, together with the use of contemporary drums, piano, acoustic & electric guitars.
来自专辑 –  KORDS的商业节拍
这种企业焦点音乐促进了一种专注的感觉和努力工作的愿望。 非常适合激励媒体和广告,激励他人并保持专注感。
可以用于任何与业务有关的事情,但与轨道密切相关的领域是,通信,工业,运输,医疗,股票市场,移动性,建筑,生物学,信息技术,统计,管理,人力资源,金融,物流 ,营销,精算师和招聘。

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时长 182
BPM 120
循环 No