Impressive, Inspirational and Motivational Epic and Cinematic Royalty Free music for You Great Media project. Agile and very emotional epic track, which fully charged in a positive and motivating mood, fascinating and exciting your attention.

Perfect for inspirational, adventure, nature, brave, heroic and patriotic videos. Great as background or main soundtrack for Your video, movie, game or other purposes. Pleasant velvety sound, but also persistent and assertive.
为您伟大的媒体项目制作的令人印象深刻,鼓舞人心和激励的史诗和电影音乐。 充满积极和激励情绪的史诗音乐轨道,引人入胜,引起您的注意。

适合鼓舞人心,冒险,自然,勇敢,英雄和爱国的视频。 非常适合您的视频,电影,游戏或其他用途的背景或主要配乐。 令人愉快和自信的音乐。

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时长 156
BPM 120
循环 No