This modern, dance and positive royalty free music soundtrack with Indian melodies comes to your aid straight from inspiring and magical Bollywood! It’s an exotic and groovy music theme perfect for movies, cinema projects, fashion shows, corporate videos, ethnic trailers, You Tube and TV commercials. Also, this optimistic and uplifting music piece is ideal for your motivational nature and travel slideshows or uplifting promo projects. Listen to the stunning and mesmerizing sounds of Indian flute (bansuri), acoustic guitars, tabla, dhol, ghatam, madal, deep passion eastern strings and lead synths and you have a breath-taking fusion of a modern India and the spirit of Bollywood! Enjoy this one now!
Thanks for listening and purchasing this awesome tune! Good luck!
这个现代,舞蹈和积极的免版税音乐配乐与印度旋律直接来自鼓舞人心和神奇的宝莱坞! 这是一个充满异国情调和时髦的音乐主题,非常适合电影,电影项目,时装秀,企业宣传片,民族预告片,You Tube和电视广告。 此外,这个乐观和令人振奋的音乐作品是您的动机性质和旅行幻灯片或令人振奋的促销项目的理想选择。 聆听印度长笛(bansuri),原声吉他,tabla,dhol,ghatam,madal,深情激情的东方弦乐和主唱合成器令人惊叹和令人着迷的声音,你将现代印度和宝莱坞的精神融合在一起! 现在享受这一个!
感谢您收听并购买这款超棒的曲子! 祝好运!

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时长 118
BPM 110
循环 No