Soft, light and positive indie folk with vocals and acoustic guitar.
An upbeat and inspiring mood, an atmospheric piano, emotional guitar, shakers, tambourines and percussion, a deep bass and an airy voice – all this Indie Folk!
Great for happy video, travel, advertising, background, commercial video, family videos, holidays, weddings, nature, podcasts, relaxation, slideshows, presentations, joyful, uplifting projects, love and happy stories, romantic and relaxing videos, YouTube, marketing, product launches, recreation, beauty salons, lounge projects and any upbeat, inspirational and motivational projects!
乐观和鼓舞人心的情绪,氛围钢琴,情感吉他,振动筛,手鼓和打击乐器,deep bass和轻快的声音 – 所有这些都是独立民谣!

非常适合快乐的视频,旅游,广告,背景,商业视频,家庭视频,假期,婚礼,自然,播客,放松,幻灯片,演示文稿,快乐,令人振奋的项目,爱情和快乐的故事,浪漫和轻松的视频,YouTube,营销, 产品发布,娱乐,美容美发,休息室项目以及任何乐观,鼓舞人心和激励的项目!

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时长 147
BPM 105
循环 No