Ambient – Easy and pleasant ambient track where the pad, piano, dynamic bass and soft drums are the perfect balance! This is calm, soft and warm track conveys the atmosphere of space, night, serenity. Suitable as a background to explain, podcast, slideshows, news, interviews, promotions, presentations, advertising, timelapse video, inspirational video projects, web video, after effect projects, television, tv show, slideshows and other. This track has special frequency range, it will suit with your speaker voice perfectly.
轻松舒适的氛围音乐,钢琴,贝斯和鼓是的完美平衡! 这首平静,柔软和温暖的音乐传达了空间,夜晚,宁静的氛围。 适合作为背景解释,播客,幻灯片,新闻,采访,促销,演示文稿,广告,间隔拍摄视频,励志视频项目,网络视频,电视,电视节目,幻灯片等。


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时长 179
BPM 110
循环 No