This one is a fabulous and energizing royalty free percussion rhythmic logo perfectly crafted for your modern advertising projects! Driven by these strong percussion elements, bongos, claps, shakers and DJ sound scratches, it will perfectly complement your sports videos, cinematic adventure sequences, intros, openers, trailers, video cuts, transitions, video game titles, reveals and you tube contents. Feel free to elevate your exciting projects and visuals with this strong and unapologetic percussion music beat right now and you will absolutely love it! Enjoy this one today!
这是一首神话般的,充满活力的打击乐节奏logo音乐,适合您的现代广告项目制作! 在这些强大的打击乐元素,小鼓,拍手,摇晃和DJ刮碟的推动下,它将完美地适用您的体育视频,电影冒险音序,前奏,开场,预告片,视频剪辑,过渡,电子游戏,揭示和youtube内容。 您可以随时用这种强烈且毫无歉意的打击乐音乐来提升您令人兴奋的项目和视觉效果,您一定会喜欢它! 今天享受这个!

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时长 64
BPM 120
循环 No