100Audio’s Music in Longrich’s Advertising Video

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100Audio Product Case-Longrich Snake Oil Hand Cream Advertising Music License
The Commercial Music Involved in this Project Comes from the Music Work “Scratch It All” of the 100Audio Music Producer Tizzle.

The 100Audio copyright music licensing platform provides a soundtrack license for the Longrich Snake Oil Hand Cream advertisement and authorizes for the project to use 100Audio music producer Tizzle’s commercial music work “Scratching It All”.


Longrich is a well-known trademark of China’s daily chemical products. For more than 30 years, it has been committed to providing healthy and beautiful lifestyles for families around the world. Among them, the classic snake oil products such as hand cream have been selling well for many years. Not long ago, Longrich followed the trend of the times and launched the high-value snake oil hand cream. In the same period, the new advertisement in which the generation actors Ma Zhenduo, Li Xing, Zhang Xiaoang, Xu Xinyang, Jiang Xinxin, and Liang Bowen starred is online. The 100Audio Copyright Music Authorization Platform provides a soundtrack license for this ad. Thanks to Longrich and the production company for their support of 100Audio and genuine commercial music.

The copyrighted music of the advertisement, “Scratching It All”, is licensed by 100Audio, and the 100Audio copyright music licensing platform is the sale channel for this track.

sales:9 ¥2,638.56

Scratch It All

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