Simple Future Bass  will make your project shine like a star! This energizing and driving music piece features melodic synths, energetic bright snares and kick drum. The track also includes upbeat vocal chops, powerful bass, inspirational piano, background vocal chops and pumping drums. It’s more than perfect for your KickStarter campaigns, commercials, business projects, vacation videos, vlogs, YouTube videos, lifestyle and travel or startup videos, fashion shows, action movie trailers, games, sports videos, advertising and more. Enjoy it!

这首音乐将使您的项目像明星一样闪耀! 这首充满活力的动感音乐作品具有旋律合成器,活力明亮的军鼓和底鼓。 该音乐还包括乐观的vocal chops,大气的贝斯,鼓舞人心的钢琴,背景vocal chops和抽吸效果的鼓声。它非常适合您的KickStarter广告系列,商业广告,商业项目,度假视频,视频博客,YouTube视频,生活方式和旅行或启动视频,时装秀,动作电影预告片,游戏,体育视频,广告等。好好享受!

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时长 102
BPM 134
循环 No