Trap Be is energetic & pumping track with modern beat and trendy melody, which fits to any actions. It Perfectly For:

– Background For Different Kind Of Lifestyles
– Videos About Sports, Trainings, Exteme, WorkOut
– Videos About Travels, Cars & Motocyles, Urban & StreetLife
– Youth Advertising
– Soundtrack For Games
– Trap & EDM Videos
– Club, Party and Other Events Videos
– Trailers, Openers – TV and Radio Use – Youtube, Vimeo, VideoHive, Adobe After Effects And Other Projects
Trap Be是一首充满活力和动力的曲目,音乐中具有现代节拍和时尚旋律,适合任何动作。它非常适合:
–预告片、开场白–电视和广播使用–Youtube、Vimeo、VideoHive、Adobe After Effects和其他项目

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时长 103
BPM 97
循环 No