Bewitching, clean&fresh, upbeat, soft track with breezy mood, full of energy and uplifting life-affirming atmosphere specially for you! Main instruments: soft kick with bass line, strings, drums, background acoustic piano gives to a track the motivational atmosphere! It will be a perfect choice for work and finance, advertisement and TV commercial, time-lapse movie, marketing, promotional, travel, technology and education, medical and health, school and college work, TV commercial, Theme Tune, positive tutorials, children and family, summer trip video, webisode, radio, promo videos and much more. It will be a great addition to your media project.

这是一首迷人,清新,愉悦,柔和的音乐,伴随着微风般舒畅的心情,充满活力和令人振奋的生活氛围,特别适合您! 主要乐器:柔和的打击乐,bassline,弦乐,背景的原声钢琴,它们营造出一种激励的氛围! 这将是工作和金融,广告和电视广告,定时电影,营销,促销,旅行,技术和教育,医疗和健康,学校和大学工作,电视广告,主题曲,正面教程,儿童的理想选择。 也适合家人,夏季旅行视频,webisode,广播,促销视频等等项目。 这将是您的媒体项目的绝佳拍档。

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时长 139
BPM 115
循环 Yes