Upbeat background music for your corporate project and other production! Perfect for slideshows, magazine promo, engineering explain, logistic, tutorial, infomercial, ecology, conference event, backstage, successful lifestyle, educational promo (Learning, Coaching, Training, School, College, Explainer Video), interview, infographic background, introduction, ecology, travel, construction, medical and health podcasts, exciting promos, broadcast, engineering, transcend technoology. Investment ect. Perfect for financial business topics: trading, management, law, business company promo, consulting, economics, Politics, reel, startups, investment, economy, money, banking, infomercial, management, statistic.
为您的企业项目和其他制作提供乐观的背景音乐! 完美的幻灯片,杂志促销,工程解释,物流,教程,电视购物,生态,会议活动,后台,成功的生活方式,教育促销(学习,教练,培训,学校,学院,解释视频),访谈,信息图表背景,介绍, 生态,旅游,建筑,医疗和健康播客,令人兴奋的促销,广播,工程,超越技术。 投资等 完美的金融业务主题:交易,管理,法律,商业公司促销,咨询,经济学,政治,卷轴,初创公司,投资,经济,金钱,银行,商业信息,管理,统计。

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时长 131
BPM 131
循环 No