This is modern classical ceremonial and celebratory-triumphant music with harpsichord, strings, piano and orchestral instruments leading. This track has great Baroque and Rococo atmosphere with fanfares and solemn mood. This royalty free background music will be perfect for cinematic videos with antique royal environment, ceremonial videos, triumphant and victorious videos, videos in the style of the 17th-18th centuries, historical and documentaries movies, films about medieval Europe and more.
这是现代古典仪式和庆祝胜利的音乐,采用了大键琴,弦乐,钢琴和管弦乐器。 这音乐拥有巴洛克风格和洛可可风格的氛围,提供各种风格和庄严的氛围。 这种背景音乐将非常适合具有古董皇家环境,仪式视频,胜利和胜利视频,17至18世纪风格的视频,历史和纪录片电影,中世纪欧洲电影等的电影视频。

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时长 135
BPM 120
循环 No